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Sidney ISD Dyslexia Program

Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.003 defines dyslexia in the following way: (1) “Dyslexia” means a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by a difficulty in learning to read, write, or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and sociocultural opportunity. (2) “Related disorders” include disorders similar to or related to dyslexia such as developmental auditory imperceptions, dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability. TEA Definition

Free Arrows Clip Art Pictures - Clipartix2021 Updates to Dyslexia Handbook: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders (Dyslexia Handbook)

English Dyslexia Handbook, 2018 Update 

Spanish Dyslexia Handbook, 2018

SISD Procedures: 

  • If appropriate, the RTI committee may request a dyslexia evaluation through 504 or through IDEA and Special Education. 
  • A parent may also request a dyslexia evaluation any time through either pathway. Parents are advised of their options and their rights and must give consent to test. Parents are asked to provide information about their child and their concerns
  • Data is gathered including vision and hearing screenings, teacher reports or classroom concerns and interventions attempted, academic progress reports, samples of school work, progress monitoring results, previous testing completed including state and standardized testing, and attendance records.  
  • IF a reading problem is established, a formal assessment conducted by trained personnel follows. 
  • Once the dyslexia evaluation is completed, the 504 or ARD committee meets to determine if the student should be identified as dyslexic and if interventions and accommodations are needed.  Parents are a part of this committee and help make educational decisions for their child.


Dyslexia laws can also be found in the following sources:

  • Texas Education Code (TEC) 
  • Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 
  • Texas Occupations Code 
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 
  • Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, as amended in 2008

SISD Resources: 

In 2017, the 85th Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1886, amending Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.003, Screening and Treatment for Dyslexia,1 to require that all kindergarten and first-grade public school students be screened for dyslexia and related disorders. Additionally, the law requires that all students beyond first grade be screened or tested as appropriate.

A school district or open-enrollment charter school shall purchase a reading program or develop its own evidence-based reading program for students with dyslexia and related disorders that is aligned with the descriptors found in the "Dyslexia Handbook: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders."


Learning Ally - Together It's Possible


The Dyslexia Handbook (TEA 2018 Update) The handbook contains guidelines for school districts to follow as they identify and provide services for students with dyslexia. In addition, information regarding the state's dyslexia statutes and their relation to various federal laws is included. 

Dyslexia Fact Sheet for Families 



Our Mission

Our missions at SISD is to provide a high quality education for all students within a safe and secure learning environment in order to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and developing necessary skills through vigorous instruction that challenges each student to become successful and responsible global citizens.


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