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The SISD District Improvement Plan is prepared annually in accordance with requirements of Chapter 11, Subchapter F, of the Texas Education Code, specifically §11.251 and §11.252.


The purpose of a CNA is to examine multiple sources of data to identify the priority needs and direction for the school. This process is the prework to the development of the district/campus improvement plans and decisions regarding the justification for use Title I and other funds. The data helps schools monitor and assess the impact of programs, instruction, and other resources related to student achievement by developing a school profile. When conducted thoroughly, the CNA tool provides schools with identified strengths and weaknesses and specifies priorities for addressing student achievement and meeting challenging academic and performance standards. Conducting a CNA is a process. While there may be specific times during the school year when this process occurs, the data collection and analysis process is ongoing to ensure that progress toward the school’s objectives, goals, mission and vision are being realized.


Sidney ISD Comprehensive Campus Needs Assessment focuses on:

  • demographics;
  • student achievement;
  • school culture and climate;
  • staff quality, recruitment and retention;
  • curriculum, instruction and assessment;
  • family and community involvement;
  • school organization; and
  • technology.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment Process:


Step 1: Review the purpose and outcomes for conducting the CNA.

  • What do we want to accomplish with this process?
  • How will we ensure that it’s a process, not an event?
  • How will we get multiple stakeholders involved in the process?
  • How will we share the purpose and outcomes with those involved?
  • What are the short-and long-term timelines?

Step 2: Establish committees for each area of the CNA. (Areas: Demographic, student achievement, etc.)

  • Is there a committee or team with expertise in any of the areas? If not, which staff members will make the greatest impact on the committee or team?
  • How will team members be recruited, selected, and potentially replaced?
  • How do we ensure there is diversity on each team to challenge assumptions and stretch the group?
  • How will coordination among committees occur?


Step 3: Determine which types of data will be collected and analyzed by the committee to develop the school profile.

  • What data will we collect?
  • Does the data need to be reorganized in charts, graphs, tables, etc., to facilitate analysis?
  • Do data collection tools need to be developed?
  • How do we ensure that certain types of data are kept confidential and FERPA is not violated?
  • How do we ensure that committees follow the process and refrain from identifying solutions?

Step 4: Determine areas of priority and summarize needs.

  • What are the strengths and needs of our district/school and its representative groups?
  • What evidence supports the strengths and needs?
  • What are the priorities?
  • What are we learning about our district/school, and what connections are we making?

Step 5: Connect the CNA to the district/campus improvement plan development and review process.

  • What are the findings in the CNA?
  • How are the findings reflected in summary statements?
  • How are the CNA strengths addressed in the district/campus improvement plans as strategies and activities which will be continued and sustained to build on these strengths?
  • How are the CNA needs addressed in the district/campus improvement plans through strategies and activities designed to improve student outcomes?
  • How do priorities and needs correlate with justifications for NCLB program expenditures?

Our Mission

Our missions at SISD is to provide a high quality education for all students within a safe and secure learning environment in order to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and developing necessary skills through vigorous instruction that challenges each student to become successful and responsible global citizens.


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